Donald Glover performs at UTD

The Mercury- April 18, 2011- Front page 

Glover sells out CN- Comedy star makes student crowd roar

Finding humor in often-offbeat topics such as the Home Depot and racism, comedian Donald Glover from NBC’s “Community” performed a hilarious and politically incorrect routine on March 22 in front of a full house in the Conference Center.

“How many of you have seen my show ‘Community’? Well, this is going to be nothing like that,” Glover warned as the crowd laughed.

The highly anticipated event was part of the Student Union Activity Advisory Board’s, or SUAAB, “Springapalooza” and sold out of tickets within four hours. More than 500 students formed a line that snaked through the Conference Center to attend the performance.

“My Chi Phi brothers and I waited from 3 p.m. until show time to get front row seats,” said Andrew Jones, computer science freshman.

The actor, comedian and musician got his break as a writer for “30 Rock” and wrote for three years before leaving to focus on acting and stand-up.

The open-mindedness of younger people is a reason why Glover enjoys performing at college campuses.

“Young people are more open to weird and crazy topics,” Glover said. “I think as you get older, you become more resistant to change.”

Glover’s performance appeared to be a hit with the audience. Many of the students continued to wait up to two hours after the show for a chance to receive an autograph or picture with Glover.

“I absolutely loved the crowd,” Glover said after the show. “They were energetic, I’d put this in my top 5 (university performances).”


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