Scandal politics and sensationalist news

Just as social media has made it easier to follow politics and current events, it has better enabled us to scrutinize the private lives of our politicians. Many politicians’ true characters have been exposed in front of the public, and proved that they were unfit for office. Whether it be an extramarital affair, sex scandal, or illegal doing, countless of politicians have been removed from office, and often times rightly so. In his article, “Communication, Power, and Counter-power in the Network Society,” Manuel Castells argues that “it is the saturation of dirty politics in the public mind that promotes reaction or indifference among the public.” One could argue that we are becoming a society in which big news must be shocking or scandoulous to gain our attention. Therefore we focus on political news stories that are often negative, and contributes to the growing mistrust and indifference that many Americans have toward our political system.


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